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04 Jul 2022

The scheduled meeting was chaired by: 

Dr Sanjay Govil-President Indian Chapter of IHPBA. The following members attended the meeting 

1. Dr Punit Dhar: President Elect 

2. Dr Chetan Kantharia: Hon Secretary 

3. Dr Sujoy Pal: Chairman Scientific Committee 

4. Dr Biju Pottakkat: Secretary Elect 

5. Dr Rajesh Bhojwani 

6. Dr Hridaya Nag 

7. Dr Kalayarasan 

8. Dr Sharvari Pujari 

9. Dr Manish Bhandare 

10. Dr Aviral Jain 

11. Dr Pranjal Deka 


The Hon Secretary began the proceedings with due permission of the char. 

Dr Chetan Kantharia began the proceedings as per the agenda 


a) CME: 

Dr Chetan informed the house that applications were received from the following individuals for the CME for the coming year. 







vii. Mail Received from Dr Sadaf at SKIMS 


He further informed the EC that the first CME has been planned on the 30th April to 1st May 2022 at Ahmedabad. It is to be hosted by Dr Bhavin Patel and is to be organized at Zydus Hospital. 

The venue for the second CME was discussed. The house was of the opinion, that since the first CME is already scheduled in the West Zone, it is better to have it at other venue. Dr Govil and Dr Dhar were of the opinion that the second CME should be held at SKIMS. Dr Chetan reminded the house that SKIMS had already organized a hybrid meeting last year. However, the majority were of the opinion that it be organized at SKIMS. Thus, it was agreed upon that the second CME would be held at SKIMS. Dr Chetan informed that he would talk to Dr Sadaf, and would get the details as to when the CME is to be organized. He also confirmed that the proceedings of the CME shall be controlled by the EC of the association. 



Dr Chetan, informed that applications to host the certificate course were received from 

1) Dr Harjeet Singh: PGIMER 

2)Dr Vinayendra Pamecha: ILBS New Delhi 

Dr Chetan informed the EC that as per the constitution, we need to conduct 2 instructional courses, with intake of not more than 30 registered candidates. However, he expressed his view, that over the years, the number of GI Surgery seats have almost doubled. Therefore, in order to facilitate more residents to get benefitted, a minimum of three courses should be held. This way 90 residents would be benefitted each year. Besides, if possible, they should be held in different zones, so that the residents don’t have to travel far places to attend the course. Dr Dhar agreed to the proposal, and it was accepted by all. 

As far as the centres to host the certificate course was concerned this year, Dr Chetan informed that since the last physical course held in 2019, was held at ILBS, it would not be prudent to again have it there. 

He informed that he had spoken to Dr Jeswant from Stanley Medical College, Chennai and he has agreed to host the certificate course in the second week of September 2022. 

Dr VK Kapoor from MGM institute-Jaipur would be hosting the second Certificate course in December 2022.  

Dr Harjeet Singh form PGI Chandigarh would be hosting the third course in month of March 2023. 

All the EC members approved the venue and the tentative schedule of the Certificate course. 



Dr Chetan apprised the house that it is the social responsibility of the association to conduct outreach program, with the aim of bringing remote places to main stream. He also informed that last two years attempts were made to contact medical colleges of North East, but owing to Pandemic things could not materialize. 

He informed the members that with help of some Pharma companies he was trying to organize either CME or skill courses, and once things materialize, he would inform the members in detail about the same. 

Dr Pranjal Deka too volunteered to help out in this imitative. 



 Dr Chetan informed the members that in the last GBM it was decided to start travel bursary, so as to enable Surgeons to travel to a centre of their choice to sharpen their skills for a month. Then J &J had in principle agreed to sponsor two candidates. However post pandemic owing to economic constraints, they have backed out. He informed that there is a need for again initiating talks with Industry for sponsorship. He stated that Abbot India had expressed interest in sponsoring a travel bursary, although the details are yet to be worked out 

Discussions were held with regards to the selection criteria. Dr Govil was of the opinion that Mid- level surgeons should be given an opportunity, rather than GI Surgery residents. Dr Puneet Dhar and Nag too agreed on this. Dr Chetan suggested that a sub-committee be formed to determine the criteria for the travel bursary. It was agreed that committee comprising of President, President elect, Secretary, Secretary elect and Academic Convenor decide the criteria. It was agreed by all to do so. 

Concerns were raised with regards to permission from the candidate’s institute, his pay and leave by Dr Bhojwani and Dr Nag. Dr Govil and Dr Chetan both made it very clear that it was the sole responsibility of the selected candidate to get permission from their parent institution and the association had no liabilities whatsoever. 

With regards to sponsorship, Dr Puneet was of the opinion that as far as possible sponsorship from industry should be avoided. Dr Nag too offered to sort out sponsorship with J&J. 

e) Desai Family Best Resident Award 

Dr Chetan informed the members that a bursary had been received from Dr Rajendra Desai in memory of his parents, from the interest of which each year a Best Resident award needs to be given. He said that criteria need to be set to decide the Best Resident. He suggested that sub-committee be formed to select the criteria. It was agreed that committee comprising of President, President elect, Secretary, Secretary elect and Academic Convenor decide the criteria. The suggestion was accepted by all. 



The Secretary Dr Chetan informed the EC, thar Dr Nagesh needs to take over from Chirag, by meeting him in person all the details of the account at the earliest. President, Dr Govil assured that he would ensure that he does it at the earliest. 

The Secretary also informed that we need to follow up the matter with regards to IT matter. He updated the EC, that the last movement in the matter was that the Previous Hon Secretary had met The Hon Minister Dr Anurag Thakur, had apprised him of the matter, and he had assured that he would look into it. However, this was around six months back, and besides that the portfolio of Mr. Thakur has changed since then. He requested Dr Govil to pursue it since the Chartered account was located in Bangalore itself.  

Dr Chetan also informed the EC that in the GBM held at Bhubaneshwar a resolution was passed that Dr Senthilnathan should pay for the expenditure incurred in recovering the dues. Hence it becomes mandatory on part of the present EC to pursue this matter with Dr Senthilnathan. Dr Govil informed the house that in past he had a talk with Dr Senthilnathan with regards to this, and Dr Senthilnathan was not agreeable to make the necessary payment. Dr Chetan proposed that he could hold a meeting under the auspices of IHPBA, and through the profit of it he could make the necessary payment. Dr Dhar said that in case he cannot, then we would have to go to GBM, to write off the due from Dr Senthinathan. Dr Govil volunteered to speak with Dr Senthilnathan regarding these matters once again. 


3) MJ Oration Criteria 

The Secretary informed the EC that usually the Orator is a Consensus choice. Rarely, a situation arises when there are more than one names. In such a situation, Dr TD Yadav the immediate past Secretary had suggested a formula which was approved by the GBM. The points awarded by the stake holders as suggested by him are as follows: 

President -30 

President elect - 20 

Honorary secretary and member: 30 

Chairman scientific committee-20 

4) Approval of MOU draft for Annual IHBPA meeting 

Dr Chetan informed the EC members that Dr Chirag had prepared a draft for MOU which needs to be approved by the EC, before it is circulated to GB Members and uploaded on our website. He said that soon he would circulate it to all the EC members for their approval. 

5) Need for preparing SOP for the CME to be held by IHPBA 

Dr Chetan informed EC members that there is a need for preparing a SOP similar to that od Annual meeting, to ensure that uniformity and maintenance of the Standard and Quality of the CME. He suggested that a subcommittee comprising of President, President elect, Secretary, Secretary elect and Academic Convenor be formed to do this. This was agreed upon by all unanimously. 

6)  Need for preparing SOP for conducting of Instructional Course 

Dr Chetan informed EC members that Dr Biju Pottakat had already prepared a draft of SOP for conducting instructional course. He assured that he would circulate the same to all EC members for their suggestion and approval for the same. 

7) Location of the office of IHPBA 

Dr Chetan apprised the EC members that at present, the office of IHPBA is located at Mumbai, with the official address being that of Dr Jagganath. This has been so since the time of inception of IHPBA. Dr Jagganath has been making a plea since long that the same be shifted to another location. In a informal talk between Dr Chetan nad Dr Govil, two venues were discussed, Bangalore where Dr Nagesh the present Treasurer is located, and Pudducherry where Dr Biju Pottakat the Secretary Elect is present. 

At this juncture Dr Govil informed that he has held talks with the CA of our association as well as an independent Company Secretary, both of whom advised that in view of the ongoing IT case, for logistic reasons the address should remain at Mumbai. 

The house suggested that in view of this there were only two options left-Dr Shailesh Shrikhande-TMH , or Dr Chetan -KEMH. 

It was decided that Dr Shailesh views would be taken and the final call taken thereafter

8) Formation of Sub Committees:                  

It was decided to form various subcommittees to ensure active participation of all EC members. 

Based on the active inputs from Dr Govil, Dr Dhar it was decided that the following subcommittees be formed: 

• Web site: Dr Hriday Nag/Dr Manish Bhandare/ Dr Kalaysaran 

They were entrusted with the task of uploading A. the names and profilers of the current office bearers and B. the calendar of events as discussed above onto the website, they were also requested to work actively to increase the scientific content of the website. Some of the ideas discussed were case discussions, videos, Journal scan, Blogs and a podcast. 

• Telegram Group: Manish Bhandare/ Dr Ramdip Ray 

 They were requested to form the telegram group. Dr Manish Bhandare was requested to undertake this responsibility as a priority and to involve himself in the Website Development Committee after forming the Telegram group. 

• Social Media Development: Aviral Jain/Pranjal Deka/ Dr Bhojwani 

Members reminded the subcommittee members that the content of social media posts represented the Association and so utmost care be taken with the content and quality of such posts. 

• Finance: Dr Biju Pottakat (To help out Dr Nagesh) 

• Academics: Dr Sharvari Pujari (To help out Dr Sujoy Pal) 

Dr Govil further entrusted Dr Sharvari with the task of encouraging and enhancing membership and also participation of female IHPBA members in the association’s activities 

9) Zonal Demarcation 

Dr Govil apprised the house that in the past the zonal demarcation for selection of EC members had varied over the years. He felt that in order to prevent confusion the different zones be clearly stated and this information be available on the website for use in future elections. Dr Dhar suggested that the zones be formed so as to ensure approximately equal number of members in each zone. The house decided that once the Telegram group was formed, this information could be obtained and work on zonal demarcation be completed prior to the next elections.

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